Saturday, February 2, 2013

Take care Children

Dear all,

Seems like there are a few of us who are coughing in class. Remember to eat plenty of fruits and drink water over the weekends. I know you are excited over CNY.
We need to be well before we can consume all the CNY goodies!

Vitamin C will be good if you do not have time for fruits~

Anyway, here are the photos I promised. I did not manage to see all of you. So these are the only few photos I have.. If you would like your photos to be posted, do ask your parents to email me. I will share them here..

The SNAKE! Taken from our BIG BIG BUS

Mdm Kwan and the girls

wax duck

the boys we met along the way

too cute! hold on to the taller ones

finally! we reached the heritage museum

cubicles of the Samsui women

on our way to the bus.. squeeze thru the crowd!

ANDDDD.... this is how 2B look from the back... where are your 2 straight lines?! *haha*
Glad all of you enjoyed the afternoon workout.. it was really fun!!
I will groove with you next week!

Kung Fu pose! Well done 2B

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