Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 March Homework and feedbacks on quiz

- Length Worksheet WS 4 Problem sums

To bring
- English File (by Friday)

Here are some feedbacks I have for you regarding how you take your quiz.

During the quiz, I noticed two types of students

A: Those who check and check
B: Those who rather sleep their time away

If your eyes are tired and you would like a quick one minute break (if you can afford to have that one minute) by all means, do it. However, you need to get back on track and check your quiz. I am very proud of 2B because after I reminded you to check, most of you did. I saw some students spotting a mistake or two (I hope you spotted the right mistake/s).

If the paper is 45 minutes, you should use every single precious time left to check your paper. You may reread the questions or pretend you have not seen the question and redo it.

Many of you finished your work before the given period of time. This is great! Since you have plenty of time left, why not check? I saw some of you ticking your way, you actually re-did the whole paper with the mindset that it is the first time you are seeing these questions. Some students even checked 5 times. Remember, that time given to you is precious. There is no turning back. The moment you submit your paper, you cannot change the answer anymore! So use the time wisely, not too rush as this is not a competition, not too slow as well, manage your time properly.

Remember, no one can take this time away from you but yourself if you do not know how to use the time wisely.

BBC video on Africa
I hope you enjoy the video, be good and we will continue some tomorrow.

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